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Taylored Dog Training is just that! We provide a tailored program for you and your dog to build basic manners, tackle those tricky behaviors, and plan for a long and happy human-dog relationship. Taylored Dog Training uses best practice and scientifically proven, reward-based training techniques to help all dog owners to enjoy fulfilled and enriched lives with their dogs.

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Our in-home consultations

Allow us to identify specific ways to manage the environment to best suit both you and your dog

Mean you are training in a familiar, comfortable environment and are Taylored to meet your specific needs (content, pace, ability, mobility)

 Can be scheduled at a time that suits you (evening and weekend appointments available)

What happy clients say about Taylored Dog Training


We had the pleasure of having Tracey help us with our Golden Retriever dog, Tessa. Tessa was 12 months old at the time and was a very playful ‘pup’. Tracey helped us learn the essential dog training skills to assist with Tessa’s behaviour, of which we noticed differences and improvements immediately. We continue to use these skills on a daily basis. Even the basic calling sound at the park to have her return to us is now a common sound in our household with the children. We highly recommend Tracey, as she is a patient and very knowledgeable dog trainer with an obvious passion for what she does. She has been our saviour!

Sarah Arbon

I took Greg for a walk on his long lead yesterday and did some “Find It” to get his mind off things in the park and was planning a nice few laps of the park without any distractions to get him to keep coming back to me of his own free will before escalating to other distractions.

All was well for the first lap, then 4 teenage kids came to the park and were running and screaming playing in the park…..

Greg alerted for a split second, looked back at me to check in and treats rained from the sky!! 😊

We then proceeded to do another 4 or 5 laps of the park coming within 10 feet or so of the kids (on a 30 foot lead) and he not once alerted to them or tried to get to them, preferring to come back to me every so often before going off for more smelling around the park. It was a wonderful walk, and a HUGE leap forward for Greg and his happiness in general. With such a great change in such a short time it has been wonderful.

Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance. It was worth every penny.


Just wanted to let you know that Daisy has been doing amazing and we have had no more issues with resource guarding. Thank you for helping us.


Bane had a great lesson today with Tracey from Taylored Dog Training. She was so nice and explained and showed us so much! She also really went into detail with strategies that would really help Bane which in turn has really helped us so much with his reactivity. We are the ones that definitely needed the training! Ha ha!

Bane had an absolute blast and was so in love with Tracey and all her fun toys and treats. Definitely recommend her, especially for positive reinforcement! Bane did so well and I saw him learn and react completely differently…


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